Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just got this in an email

The following motion was offered and unanimously passed at General Council last week in Victoria. During this crucial time of approaching elections, please read and share with your congregation and friends.
GENERAL COUNCIL MOTION - October 24, 2008 - Victoria, British Columbia - 52nd General Council of the REC
Forasmuch as the Reformed Episcopal Church has affirmed the teaching of God's Word that abortion is the taking of an unborn human life, and inasmuch as we have recognized the duty of all faithful Christians to work to protect the unborn and restrain the sin of abortion on demand, we hereby move that the General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church direct the clergy and laity of the Reformed Episcopal Church to make a political candidate's position on the Sanctity of Human Life the highest priority in discerning for whom to vote regardless of political party represented or office being sought.
[This motion unanimously passed, enthusiastically and soberly. A season of prayer followed.]

Friday, October 3, 2008


I thought this post from Doug Wilson has some good thoughts on the upcoming Halloween happenings.

"What to avoid. We want parish parties, not pious parties. So when neighborhood trick or treaters come to your door, I would encourage you to give them more candy than unbelievers give, as opposed to a glare and/or a tract about the fires of hell. We want to behave during this time in such a way that their celebrations are revealed as far more anemic than ours (not to mention twisted and gross). We do not want our parish parties to be a cheesy alternative, a sort of faux-Halloween. It should be a true All Hallow’s Eve, a true Reformation Day blow-out."

Read the whole thing.